Why SS Infra

What we offer is not just numbers, but a Facility management system that is based on modular systems and processes, higher grade manpower, better trained personnel and results in a much more effective system, better resource management and consistent services over the years. To ensure that we deliver best of the services and meet our business partner’s expectations we thrust on:

Strict & Stringent Selection Parameters including

Physical Fitness

Medical Fitness

Qualification & Skills

Forms an integral part of our system which includes

20 days of pre-deployment training as per PSARA

2 days of first aid training

3 days of on-the-job training

Followed by at least 6 training days every quarter

Totaling to 48 training days in a calendar year in first operational year

Periodic OJT for the guards to upgrade their skills


Training School

Headed by a person, hailing from the armed forces. The syllabi to train the personnel is based on the research done by us and some of the subjects include subjects on Visitor & Vendor Management, Fire Fighting & Safety, Escort Duty, ATM Management, Material Flow Management, Bomb Threat & Evacuation Procedure, Mail Room Management, Gate house duties, Pilferage control in Retail etc.


A well worked out Supervision Process to ensure that our Quality Standards are being met & delivered through our services. It Includes


Four wheelers accessible with wireless sets to combat any crisis at the client’s facility

Control Room

Functioning 24/7, 365 days


Corporate Social Responsibility

"As we look at a world larger than our present sphere, we see our role stretching beyond mere business considerations into demonstrating serious corporate social commitment.”

Infrastructure, Location and Work Environment

SSI Services is located in the business hub Centre of Hyderabad with State-of-the-art infrastructure We offer a professional work environment, which fosters innovation and enterprise. With highly experienced professionals from different corners of the state, one finds a truly multi-cultural work environment. We place tremendous importance on work place ethics. We also ensure that the atmosphere is warm and congenial, and the spirit of teamwork is encouraged